Thursday, June 19, 2014

magic kingdom: part 2

"guys, give me your best pirate face!"

Like a kid in a candy, I mean souvenir shop. :)

A boy and his mickey...

Friday, June 13, 2014

happiest place on earth...

This day was so full of magic and fun that it's hard to know what to talk about. :)  We arrived early for the opening ceremony, and followed the crowd through the gates towards the main square.  The look on the boys faces were amazing.  Their jaws dropped when we walked through the gates and when they saw the castle they started screaming "I see the castle!!"

We fit in so much fun into this day.  We rode Peter Pan, It's a small world, Little mermaid, Adventures of Winnie the pooh, Goofy's barnstormer, Tea Cups, Carousel, Buzz light year, and Stitch.  We had an amazing lunch in Beast's Castle which I highly recommend.  We went back to our hotel to rest and play and then came back to Magic Kingdom for dinner and the parade and fireworks.  Holy Moly, I had forgotten how cool this firework display is.  Truly magical.  Great great day...

ox, Jayme